Abby (aka Mommy)  This wonderful old girl is our newest resident.  She is almost 14 years old and came to us  in August, 2018 when her elderly owners could no longer care for her.  She had a rough time at first, crying for her children but she has adjusted.  She had been outside all of her life but now she spends most of her time sleeping on her orthopedic bed in the bedroom.  When she is awake she greets us with tail wags and those wonderful eyes.

A Loving Forever Home

For Senior Labradors

Wendy (fka Witchy), renamed Journey


BLACKIE (AKA BOO BOO) , Blackie came to us from a shelter in Tennessee where he had lived for two years.  Blackie was brought to the shelter by his owner with a painful eye condition.  Due to the pain that he was in the vet said that it would be best to remove both of his eyes so he is totally blind now.   Blackie is the most handsome, loveable, smartest, positive Labrador ever.  He is only 5 years old and has been dealt a rough hand but he refuses to let it get him down.  He mastered his doggie door within hours of coming to us, he has a big yard that he makes his way around and he loves to play fetch.   

photos and stories will be added asap!! 

     MAGGIE, a purebred black lab, was given to us by her person who was moving. She is a senior dog and was very well taken care of, but did get hip dysplasia at a very young age. 

     She is a happy dog who likes to play fetch with small throws of about 2 feet. She gets so excited to catch the ball and comes running back between your legs for pets and praise.

     She's a little fiesty and barks orders for you to put her food bowl down at meals and always barks to say hello. A very spirited ol' gal who likes to sleep on her back with legs up in the air or on her stomach with legs straight out behind her.

     She is spunky and has a wiggly, happy to see you attitude.  A very fun loving and carefree dog and we love her to pieces!

     Ollie, an older yellow lab, came to Dusty Trails from a local shelter. He was picked up as a stray who was seen wandering in the area for several weeks. Along with his cuteness factor, he was healthy and it looked like he had been taken care of so the shelter figured that he must have a home. They publicized him on television and tried several avenues in order to find the owner, but unfortunately nobody was found.

     Ollie likes to take short walks. You might call the walk more of an amble as he only has two speeds, slow and slower, but he's always game to play fetch.  Usually just once, though, and then he just enjoys carrying one or two but no more than 3 balls in his mouth. This big boy never ceases to put a smile on our face and make us laugh during play time. 

     He surely has a puppy sized personality stuck inside a senior big dog body and takes up half the couch and most of the bed when he naps.  We hope he keeps those spots warm for many years to come!

     TURKEY aka Turk is an older, large, yellow lab mix who was given up by his people because they could no longer care for him. He had heartworms and his ears were very badly infected and despite medical treatment his hearing was lost.

     Turk, weighing in at about 100 pounds, has a full body wag and swagger with the biggest, most beautiful brown eyes you've ever seen. He does seem to like the Holidays and for an old guy he's quick and stealthy as he managed to steal the turkey carcass out of the garbage can for a meager 10 seconds on Thanksgiving day 2017 before we caught him in the act. Since then, we think his name fits! 

     Getting up there in years is showing signs of dementia and he will bark and stare at nothing, but this is his forever home and we will keep him happy.

​Josie  This beautiful little girl came to us in August of 2018.  She had been found by the county animal control and was very pregnant.  The county had her spayed which of course took her pups.  For the first two weeks she frantically looked for a place to have her pups.  We felt so sorry for her that we gave her 8 small stuffed animals that she sometimes pushed around with her nose like momma dogs do to their newborn puppies.   Through it all Josie never stopped wagging her tail every time she saw someone.  She loves to be loved.


     ANDY, a black lab mix, is our brave little survivor. He was dropped off at a local shelter with his lower jaw broken in half and hanging. He had to undergo extensive surgery to have it removed, but now, fully recovered, he chews on everything from sticks to large kong toys.

     He is the smallest in the pack at about 45 pounds, but sure has an air of confidence about him. He is a stealthy, sneaky boy who likes to steal toys and tennis balls from the other dogs. He is small, but mighty!

     His favorite thing in the world is mealtime, which consists of a dog food mash that we prepare by soaking dry food overnight and blending it into a pumpkin puree consistency in order to make it easier for him to eat. 

     He loves to cuddle and soak up as much affection as possible. Being smaller he is all too happy to be a lap dog. 

photos and stories will be added asap!! 


Rusty aka Tripod (fka Brownie) 

Sadie    /       Fred  (fka Henry)        /      Emily aka Granny 

     ADDIE, a beautiful chocolate Lab Weimaraner mix, is our newest resident and was given to us by her person because they were moving. She has an eye problem that we are treating, but otherwise is an active, healthy girl. She has had no difficulty settling in, was immediately accepted into the pack, and quickly became a devoted companion and shadow to the founder of Dusty Trails.

     She is very curious. During her first week here she found a weak link in the fence and has shown her counter surfing abilities. This hunger drive might explain why she is somewhat vocal when it comes to feeding time, but oh is she sweet and we're glad she's here!

     ROCKY, a super smart, strong and somewhat stubborn black lab mix was rescued from a shelter within a day from his end. He was very weak, flea infested, and had several bald spots on his back that had to be treated, but today is a healthy, happy dog who loves everyone.

     He is a friendly dog with paws that must be the size of a bear.  A gentle giant!  He is a handful and likes to be with and helping his people so has needed some set guidelines and boundaries due to his size, ego and feisty personality. He has a sweet and gentle nature and soaks up attention.

     His body and mind get regular exercise with walks and training sessions to learn new things, but his favorite pastime is to fetch tennis balls with a chocolate lab buddy of his.

 RO RO , This handsome boy came to us in February, 2018 when his owner moved to an apartment that would not allow him to come along.  At the time he had a huge tumor on his side that caused him to walk in a U shape.  Our wonderful vet performed the surgery to remove the 4 and a half pound tumor which thankfully was not cancer.  Ro Ro now walks and runs a little sideways but it's getting better.  At 8 years old he is the "kid" in the nursing home.  He spends his days playing with the younger pups that belong to our volunteers and keeping the old guys young.  Ro Ro is 100 lbs of Beautiful, Lovable, Labrador.....

     BETHANY is a beautiful black lab mix who came to us from a local shelter and is somewhat shy and timid, but a very sweet and affectionate girl.

     She sleeps on one of the many dog beds that are available throughout the house, but really enjoys being on the bed in her crate as this makes her feel safe and secure.

     She loves walks, has very good leash manners, and is slowly learning some tricks. She really wants to play, but doesn't seem to have learned how to in her younger years. Most recently, though, she has started to chase the ball a little ibt and carry toys around with her and she absolutely loves to roll around in the yard.  There is a gentle, playful spirit in there!

     This girl craves and simply eats up attention so much so that we find her leaning into our hands for more pets of love and for as long as we will give it to her.  Super sweet!

Previous Residents now with their furever homes: 


     COCOA, is a senior chocolate lab mix who came to Dusty Trails from a local shelter. When we first got her, she had severe heartworm disease from never being treated with the monthly heartworm preventative.  She was so weak from the infestation that she slept most of the day and had a horrible, persistent cough.

     With treatment, her coughing fits have tremendously diminished and she continues to get stronger and stronger.  She has become so much more active and is out in the yard running around and being a lot more engaging with us and the pack.

     We are unsure as to the extent of damage to her heart and lungs, but are encouraged that her health is moving in the right direction. Cocoa has a doggie grin that steals your heart and we hope her heart continues to heal and get better each day!

Rainbow Bridge: 


     GOLDY, a yellow lab with soft, thick fur had a rough start in life, but is truly an inspiration to all of us. Not only was she deaf when we got her, but underweight with several lumps and her front legs were bruised and barely working due to untreated physical injuries that caused them to heal incorrectly. She was in such terrible shape that even the veterinarian didn't think she was going to make it.

     With proper care she is at a healthy weight with much improved mobility and strength. She definitely hasn't let any of these obstacles slow her down and despite them remains active (see video). She does get a little vocal when the other dogs bump into her or stomp on by, but she shakes it off and continues to hop around and explore the yard.

     Rather than running through life she stops to smell the roses a little more often. She seems to live her life with joy and acts like she doesn't have a handicap at all!

MEET THE PUPS ......................

UPDATE!!!!  This big guy found his forever person in May of 2018.  Rocky loves everyone and needed one best friend.  Someone that he could spend all of his time with, someone to take him on car rides and long walks.  Well he found him... A retired gentleman that lives by himself fell in love with Rocky.  Rocky now lives one block from the beach in a little resort town where everyone knows everyone.  When they are not visiting others Rocky relaxes in the yard with his person and greets the visitors that have come to adore him.... He is home.....