Houston's journey was one of salvation.  At six weeks, he was rescued from Kentucky by a rescue

organization from Minnesota just before he was euthanized for having pneumonia.  He stayed with that organization for almost a year and a half before his sweet soul was finally recognized and he found his forever home.  He was nursed back to health, physically and spiritually, and became a loved, loving, and happy member of a family that adored him.  He ventured from Minnesota to New Mexico, traveled regularly to Colorado, and made lots of friends wherever he went.  He had an inner strength that was at the same time majestic and humble.  He always seemed like he wanted to be a small dog - to sit in laps and not scare anyone.  Throughout his life all he wanted was to be an awesome dog, to watch out for friends and family, to be loved, and to love.  His journey turned out to be one of happiness, adventures, and the love of friends and family. 

A Loving Forever Home

For Senior Labradors

Gifts Given in Memory of.....

Gracie was such a talented dog - smart, extremely keen senses, grace, athleticism ... she had quite a

package of gifts. She was a very affectionate, loving dog.  She loved people, her doggie friends, her toys, her furry siblings, hiking, sleeping under the stars, party nights, and hogging the bed. She lived 16 incredible years, being playful, eager, and puppy-like right up until the last week of her life. Above all, she loved deeply and felt her best when the whole pack was together for napping, chasing balls, and more napping. More than anything, Gracie will be remembered - and greatly missed - for her affectionate and loving nature.